Scenes Outside the Louvre

There is a lot to see walking around the area around the outside of the Louvre.

Hard to beat shots of the famous pyramid.

There used to be four fountains working, then none and now they have two working. I like them, but I like the smooth water more for photos.

Lots of metal fences around decorated with gold paint.

No, these dogs aren’t spoiled. Why do you ask?

10 thoughts to “Scenes Outside the Louvre”

  1. Love the photos. Best reminders of our wonderful trip to Paris. Great shots, Linda.

    Now about those dogs….

  2. Oh, we were just there in June! I’m sure those dogs would fall ill without their coats…..and if their hair fell in their eyes. Responsible pet ownership.

  3. Alfie would probably prefer their coats to his collar right now. And at least I can say I have seen the pyramid in person. You got a beautiful shot.
    Dianne dropped by for a visit. I told her it would be favoritism not to represent both sisters so shes on my blogroll now! Take care,
    Lisa & Alfie

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