Palais Royal

It’s hard to beat the Palas Royal for photos. I go there all of the time.

I was disappointed this time when I walked into the interior courtyard and found the conceptual art there surrounded by a wooden fence for work. They were kind enough, however, to put in windows covered with different colors of plastic. They gave some spectacular photos-like a Hawaiin sunset.

The garden there had these unusual sunflowers. I’ve seen fields of the same variety in Provence.

On the edge of life.

Love the silver balls in the fountain.

7 thoughts to “Palais Royal”

  1. The flowers and the leaf are wonderful photos! My faves.

    Thank you so much for your comment on my blog, they are always much appreciated. I’m beginning to learn what sets things off and what doesn’t and trying to be wise… not always easy. It’s just part of the journey and learning to be good to me 🙂

  2. Don’t know why but today, ‘m so touched looking at the leaf pic. ‘m feeling down today, but somehow the leaf pic made me smile.Tq Linda

  3. Your pics continue to get better and better.

    I’m home for a day or two and heading back up North to help out with the new baby. She’s beautiful.

  4. Well, i see it’s cold enough there for dogs to be wearing sweaters an icicles to be forming! What a great photo you captured with that leave on the edge…love it!

  5. Let me try that again….what bad spelling I used before – yikes!

    I see it’s cold enough there for dogs to be wearing sweaters….wish I could say the same for here.

    And, that photo of the leaf bent over the edge, clothed in an icicle, is amazing. I really like that one for its uniqueness.

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