All The Polenta You Could Ask For

I made a quick trip to Switzerland for a few days of baby sitting while my daughter in law went to her sister’s wedding in Texas. The oldest grandson, age six, has started school which is, of course, in full time Italian. It’s difficult for him, of course, but to my untutored ear, his Italian sounds wonderful. The four year old is in a nursery school and says he doesn’t want to speak Italian but then can suddenly come out with all sorts of words. The two year old doesn’t seem to know much but when he says a word it is in perfect dialect. On the Saturday that I was there we went to the lovely city of Lugano to check out the Polenta Festival.

That’s what I call a lot of polenta. I never got to try it though as the lines were too long so settled for some pasta.

Two of my grandsons having a look.

The stunningly beautiful Lake Lugano along side a fantastic park.

Another look at the lake. We had such a beautiful autumn day.

I like this arrangement-would love to have something like it on my dining room table instead of the dusty bunch of lavender sitting there now.

7 thoughts to “All The Polenta You Could Ask For”

  1. I would have loved some of that polenta and you are making me want to do a fall arrangement on my dining room table!

    ps my blog is back on-line after a couple of quirks…

  2. My neighbor’s 5 year old often refuses to speak English (his mother is half Canadian and she’s fluent in both French and English, and speaks English to her two kids so that they’ll grow up knowing both languages easily). Yet he totally understands English and once in a while he’ll use English with me if he thinks I’m not understanding his French. So I think it’s a control issue at that age, especially for the secondary language. Kids just want to do whatever feels easiest at the time.

  3. I have never tried Polenta..not really sure what it tastes like. Love you photos, hope you had a great time with your grandchildren. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. My boss went on vacation there… and she said it was fantastic. Judging from these pictures, she was right. And polenta!!! Now I’m so hungry.

  5. As always, stunning pictures. How wonderful that you can take a weekend trip to Switzerland.

    I think I’m getting closer to just jumping ship and moving to Europe. ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Now that’s a pot of polenta, baby! Wow. I love the shot of your two GS looking over the fence! Aw, Switzerland. Absolutely gorgeous, I bet, this time of year. Lucky you!

  7. I’m back from France, unpacked, over jet lag and stopping by to see what you’re up to. Loved your photos of Paris. And these are also great!
    I’m hoping you got to get together with Mary. When I saw her in Caunes, I think she said you were meeting in Provence for lunch. So I look forward to the photos and hearing all about it.

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