Paris in Pink

A few photos I took of some shop windows a month or so ago, all of them with hues of pink.

Hard to see a pink Eiffel Tower and not know it’s an advertisement for underwear-in this case Chantal Thomass. The redhead reflected in the mirror is my sister.

The sign on the street for the same shop.

I think I may need to go back to this store and buy one of these for my grand daughter.

Hard to beat a cat in a tutu.

12 thoughts to “Paris in Pink”

  1. Nice theme! I forgot to tell you, my visiting friend Lisa and I had a chance to pop into a Lollipops store while she was still in town (I think the one in the Marais) and it was the first time I’d seen one. Totally cute stuff! Of course now it seems I’m noticing the stores all over town — isn’t that always how it works, once something comes to your attention you see it everywhere?

  2. Lovely post, how cute are those little animals..and the shop in the bottom photo..think I need to come and shop for my grandchild, due 1st December 🙂

  3. Great photos and love how you captured all the pink as a theme. Yup, you need to get back there and get one of those ballerina’s for your granddaughter.

  4. I would just love to wander the streets of Paris and look in all the gorgeous shop windows! Thank you for taking me there via cyberspace 🙂

    Love the little pink coat in the last photo.

  5. When I view your photos I’m always left a bit stunned by all the beauty and detail of Paris, I just can’t imagine what its like to be surrounded by it all!

  6. Animated blonde? How funny! That’s my girlfriend, Patty, on her first trip to Paris.

    I could not believe how much the French women were into their “undies” Too pretty to wear!

  7. At first I couldn’t see the cat in the window, but I do now. I love the reflection of the windows of the oh so French apartments in the first pic. Wonderful photos as ever Linda.

  8. Animated blond here…;) Linda you must have been snapping photos when we weren’t even aware of it because you got some awesome shots that I never even saw you take! I love your photos and I was so thrilled to get to come spend some time in Paris and hang out with you and Maurice and Dianne and David!

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