A Mix

I am writing this from Provence where Maurice and I are out in the yard every day cutting back weeds, pulling weeds, shaping bushes, planting bulbs-a little of everything. You can find out how out of shape or old you are after a day of yard work. We both are hobbling around like we are much older than we are. Anyway, here is a mixture of some photos taken here and there in Paris when I was there a few weeks ago.

In Notre Dame there is a chapel devoted to the Virgin of Notre Dame. It always has people praying there and there are always many candles lit. I am surprised at how popular the Virgin of Guadaloupe is.

What are you looking at?

There is usually always some interesting art work in the Palais Royal.

There are these golden tips everywhere on fences and gates around the Louvre and the Palais Royal.

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  1. Enjoyed your beautiful photos this morning. There is great devotion to the Virgin of Guadalupe among Mexican immigrants in the U.S. In our parish there will be a novena in the days leading up to her feast day on December 12 , an early morning Mass with a procession prior to it on Dec. 12, and breakfast after Mass. The foods served at the breakfast are often tamales and hot chocolate — among other things.

  2. Good on you for the gardening. We are walking in Paris this week and I lit a candle for my late husband at Sacre Coeur. Cheers from Paris to Provence.

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