Autumn Color

Even though Autumn officially arrived some time ago, I didn’t see too many traces of it in Provence. Some trees had started to turn yellow and there were tinges of gold and rust in the vineyards but the countryside in Provence is full of evergreen trees and Oak trees which aren’t known for their foliage. I was often reduced to a slow speed in my car when I came upon a tractor pulling a wagon full of grapes heading towards the Co Op so the vendage was underway.

It’s hard to beat a field of pumpkins to get that autumn feel. Actually, these aren’t the American variety of pumpkins but they taste the same to me. I loved how they were lined up in the field.

Two more views.

The vibrant color of some pyracantha in my yard.

Another plant in my yard which always turns such a great red.

And finally, speaking of red, a cropped photo (I’m trying to hide my hair before my haircut done several days later. Mary’s hair looked really great) taken in Lourmarin where I got to meet the delightful Mary whom I had only known from her blog: link She is as nice in person as you would think from visiting her blog. Now if I could only get her to decorate my home.

12 thoughts to “Autumn Color”

  1. love love the 3rd pic! u r so “pandai” Linda! (pandai is a Malay word for Clever). And hello Linda.Nice to see u (altho’ in photo only)!!!Such warm and lovely smile.

  2. Aha! A face! I see a resemblance with D. Always love putting a face with the writings. I love your hair. It looks cute. Love the pumpkin pics too.

  3. Linda, love your autumn theme…all the reds. The color in your hair and the cut is really soft. Like it lots.
    We’re back in Arkansas for a week with his family….lots of pumpkins piled high along the country backroads; beautiful fall colors in the trees; plants-marigolds and others in lovely pots; bales of hay.
    Hard to reconcile with Southern California. But lots of fun! Home next week.

  4. Great photos, Linda.
    AND I loved seeing the one of you and Mary. I was surprised you both had red hair. BY the way….I thought your hair looked cute. Seriously. It was nice to finally see you!

  5. I’m a little late in catching up on your blog….but it is so good to see two blogging acquaintances whom I love to visit…and not only that, two fellow redheads! You both look fantastic shining in the sun like that.

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