Paris October

I am always on the lookout for the colors of Autumn. As the days start getting shorter and night is falling too soon, it is something that warms my heart when I get a glimpse of red or yellow.

Sometimes the color is spread out along a wall.

Sometimes it is yellow leaves scattered across a bench shaped from books.

Or it could be a casade of red leaves falling down a door.

Sometimes color can be found at your feet.

8 thoughts to “Paris October”

  1. You’ve really captured autumn very well. I just love the colors this season brings. And I LOVE that bench shaped like books! As an author, I’d LOVE that in my garden.

  2. The first photo is just beautiful. The vines are so lacey against the light wall and the peppering of red is so delicate. Nice eye candy as usual Linda!
    Lisa & Alfie

  3. Just returned from Arkansas and hoped to catch fall colors….not yet! Lpve your photos. They’ll have to do for me this year.

    I particularly liked the first photo of the red along the wall and the lantern. The last one of the single leaf is just beautiful. Great catch, Linda.

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