I think one of the most beautiful places in Paris in the Fall is the Luxembourg Gardens. The Tuleries Gardens always seem too large, spread out and bare with those large expanses of crushed gravel while the Luxembourg Gardens have more trees and grass (even if you can’t get on it) and is enclosed in a smaller space. Because there are crisp leaves underfoot, trees overhead, some with colored leaves, and wonderful pots of mums it is always especially lovely.

There is a copy of the Statue of Liberty there, not quite as large as the one in NYC.

There was a man there with this fantastic model ship. I think it could float but didn’t stay around long enough to see it launched.

The spectacular Medici Fountain in the gardens with a pot of mums.

There are these great wreaths of ivy along the fountain.

I love reflections in smooth water, especially when the light is good.

7 thoughts to “Beautiful”

  1. This is certainly MY favorite jardin in Paris… mainly because it’s where Georges and I had our first date, and where we fell in love at first sight. We gave the Senators something to gawk at, having our first kiss right in front of their building! But all that aside, it’s really a lovely garden even though it is one of those where you can’t sit on the lawns. Love the photo of the fountain with the mums, that’s such a peaceful spot.

  2. no wonder the travel channel ranked it #9 on the top 10 parisian sights some time back! it sure looks charming here. 😉

    i heard there’s another statue of liberty on the seine next to one of the bridges, and it’s said to be facing the original liberty in NYC.

  3. Gorgeous photos. I especially like the fountains with the pots of mums and the last one with the reflections in the water…and fall leaves.

    What a treat to see them through your eyes. Thanks, Linda.

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