Flowers of All Kinds

There is a chain of flower shops in Paris called au Nom de la Rose which only sells roses. They do a beautiful job of displaying their floral arrangements in front of the shops.

I always want to buy at least one of their arrangements. Such great color.

There are, of course, sculptured flowers on buildings like those you would find on a cake out of icing.

And these.

13 thoughts to “Flowers of All Kinds”

  1. i wish we have sculptured flowers on our buildings here. They add characters to the buildings. Tq linda for the vibrant roses!!!

  2. Oh, are these photos stunning. Love roses and your photos make me want to run out and buy bunches of them. We have a small rose garden and love the new blooms.

  3. Oh what I wouldn’t give to have some of those on the tables – in the dining room and my bedroom. I think I can smell them already!

    Lovely, Linda, just lovely!

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