Even More

I’m still crazu about turning fall leaves and taking photos of them at every opportunity. These were all on Montmartre, a little village overlooking Paris.

A vine covering a tomb in the St Vincent cemetery.

Colorful leaves behind the statue on the tomb of the artist Utrillo.

Just a closeup of some leaves. I adore that shade of red.

Leaves, rod iron fence and a wall. How can you not take a photo?

11 thoughts to “Even More”

  1. I loved all of those vine-y red leaves that seemed to be everywhere in France. Are they a kind of ivy?

    Darn, if I had known you were going to Montmartre, I would have asked you to look for a little watercolor for me!


  2. Since our first trip to France I have been longing for that vine.. it is Virginia Creeper. But alas, it is not to be, needs a good shock of weather to create such gorgeous color and that is something we don’t get much of in Southern California.

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