Gone But Not Forgotten

They don’t do Halloween so you’d notice here in France (at least not like in the States with costumes and trick or treating) but All Saint’s Day on November 1st followed by Day of the Dead or All Soul’s Day (All Soul’s Day is a Roman Catholic day of remembrance for friends and loved ones who have passed away) on November 2nd is huge. It’s the biggest selling day for flowers for florists in France and Mums cover the sidewalks in front of each shop. Every cemetery is packed with visitors who are visiting those who have passed on and mums are often brought to place on tombs. Some people even make it a family picnic. I didn’t make it to a cemetery on November 1st as it was raining but when I saw a patch of blue sky out of my window on November 2nd I set out for Pere LaChaise Cemetery.

Mums for sale in front of a flower shop on the street leading to the Pere Lachaise Cemetery.

You often see flowers in the hands of figures on tombs.

The sunshine came out while I was there and shown into a little chapel tomb there making the interior purple.

And, of course, there are angels everywhere-seen and unseen I’m sure.

6 thoughts to “Gone But Not Forgotten”

  1. Flowers are far more beautiful than zombies and dead brides! We don’t celebrate Halloween in Australia either but I do wish we had the flowers everywhere.

  2. brilliant shots! i love the way you took them… it’s as if they have souls in each of ’em. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    the chinese people have an aged-old tradition more or less similar to all souls day, where we’ll visit the graves of our ancestors on that day for remembrance and respect. it’s known to us as the Qingming festival.

  3. What a lovely way to celebrate people and loved ones who have passed. I haven’t heard of that before. So pleased the sun came out and shone over you.

    You have been tagged by me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Having grown up Catholic and attending Catholic school, we always observed both All Saint’s Day and All Souls day.
    Great photos….that purple shining through is gorgeous and I love all the flowers!
    I also LOVE Pere Lachase cemetery. I have no doubt there’s many angels hovering around there.

  5. Oh, I had to laugh, here in Australia we say “Mum” for mother…. and I’m thinking “Mum’s for sale?”, then the penny dropped…. we call chrysanthemums, “chrysanths”….

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