Gone Part 2

Across the courtyard from our apartment we can see into the windows of the people across the way. In one apartment in particular I have seen a little old couple since we have been here. They never have opened their windows in the whole time I’ve looked not even in the really hot summer that we had several years ago. and the windows have never been cleaned that I can see, looking rather opaque like bathroom windows. The curtains that hang down are ragged and torn. I know it is an older couple as I can see their gray hair when the light is on above them. I always sort of worry about them, hoping someone is checking on them. Then, one morning, I got up before the sun was up-not too hard to do as the days are getting shorter here-and there was a light on across the way in their window and not only that, the window was open. It was the first time ever that I have seen that. The next day the window was still open and I saw a man inside cleaning something. I’m wondering what has happened to the little couple there. The lady who used to live below us passed on last year and her apartment is now for sale. I wonder if their souls are around on these days when the dead are said to return to visit when the veil between the spirit world and the material world is at its thinist.

The Assyrian God on the tomb of Oscar Wilde. I don’t know why it is covered in kisses.

There is never a shortage of angels in a cemetery.

Being from Texas, I’d love to know why there is the head of a steer on this tomb. I like the book too that someone put flowers on.

This goddess didn’t used to be this color. I’m not sure why she was painted but I like it.

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  1. I hope u can update us on the old couple.I too hope they are ok.Even the cemeteries there are nice!Not scary at all.One of these days I will post pictures of cemeteries in Malaysia.Cemeteries here are spooky, dark and perfect for a “ghost movie”.

  2. I would think that your old couple are gone. If not from the earth, perhaps they couldn’t take care of themselves any longer and are now with family who can look after them. Whichever, it is sad because they are no longer living independent lives.

    I love the tombs you have shared with us. To be honoured by such wonderful art is a gift.

    Thank you for your story.

  3. Now, I’m going to worry about them. I’m so nosey I would have walked over there and asked the people cleaning, where they were.

    If I remember correctly, you tried to talk me into kissing that tomb with all the lip marks on it. Sure, I need a disease!

  4. I love tombstones. I feel they say so much about the person. I don’t like these new “memorial gardens” that have the bronze plates.

  5. I hope the old couple are ok too. Please keep us informed when you know anything.
    Isn’t it amazing that here half a world away I am aware and concerned about an elderly French couple in Paris?
    We really are a worldwide family today aren’t we?

  6. Add me to the list of concerned. And also curious….I would have had to go over and ask the man cleaning what happened to them. Having lived in Paris apartments, while my husband was working there, I found myself easily getting caught up in neighbor’s routines, all of which I could witness out the window. I felt the French don’t draw their blinds or shades nearly as much as American’s do and that always gave me a glimpse into their lifestyle.

  7. Linda – it sounds like a version of the classic ‘Rear Window’. I do hope they are OK and have just moved into a safer, easier for their age place perhaps.
    When we stayed in Nimes in 2006 we were able to join in the daily lives of the people in apartments across the narrow street from our hotel windows and terrace. They left the shutters open and we saw them lounging watching TV, sleeping, then hanging the duvets out the window in the morning, and hanging clothes to dry – it was quite funny!

    Today I posted on our meeting in Lourmarin. A friend commented that we looked like twins, ha! ha! I loved that village and wish I could have spent more time there.

    Hope all is well – loving your Paris pics as always. Fall is extremely colorful here this year – we returned just in time to see peak brilliance and the warm sunny weather makes it even lovelier.
    Hugs – Mary.

  8. Well, I stumbled upon your blog. I’m from Michigan and see you’re originally from Texas. We spent a summer in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Best (and hottest) summer of my life 🙂

    Since I’ve always want to go to France, and have not yet made it, I’ll go along with you on your blog journey.

    Thanks for the trip!!



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