Here And There in Montmartre

Montmartre is often the favorite place tourists visit in Paris. It is like a little village high on a hill overlooking Paris and it gives you an idea, despite the many tourists and trashy gift shops, of what it must have been like up there when all of the Impressionists hung out here painting and learning from each other.

The back side of Sacre Coeur.

A view of Montmartre as you come up the back side of the hill. It’s usually packed with tourists. You can often hear music being played and find a mime or two here.

If the sun is out, I always go into the small church there called St Pierre because the stained glass windows there make beautiful paterns on the walls.

One of the windows in the back chapel.

7 thoughts to “Here And There in Montmartre”

  1. I was just in Paris, meeting up with a friend from Michigan. We went into this same chapel and I loved the windows. Our morning in Montmartre started out crowded, but we quickly made our way to the back streets and had a great time. Thanks for your blog; I found it by accident and I’m really enjoying your photos.

  2. that’s one of the most charming districts of paris. did you visit the vineyard there? I heard it’s the last and only vineyard in paris.

  3. You have such a great and original eye for photographs. I just posted about Montmartre myself – the back streets are wonderful and maybe we’ll have to meet there one day for a coffee. Cheers.

  4. I like Montmartre, but have to say it’s not one of my favorite places in Paris. Probably because it’s normally crowded with people and so touristy. But the view from up there IS amazing. And I do love Lapin Agile, which many years ago was one of the raunchiest cabarets in Paris. Going there for the show now is tres francais.
    Great photos!

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