Shadow and Light

There are going to be some gray days ahead in Paris. That’s usually the way it is in Paris starting in November. So when the sun is out I try and get some photos.

Rod iron decoration on a door. I’m starting to find more and more of this now that it has been brought to my attention.

Sunlight on leaves on top of a tomb in Pere Lachase.

Even more rod iron in the Luxembourg Gardens.

Leaves caught on the edge of the Medicis fountain.

6 thoughts to “Shadow and Light”

  1. Oh yes, I remember November in Europe. Grey days that turn all too soon into night (regardless of the hour the clock says). I had to buy those full spectrum light bulbs and install them where I spent the most time. I have issues with lack of sun! Then I moved to Okinawa, which is sub-tropical. YIPPEE! Now I’m in the mid-west and, like you, yearn for sunny blue skies. It’s black by 5pm, and we’ve got several weeks to go until the shortest day of the year!

  2. Good morning dear friend – it’s raining cats and dogs here and still quite dark, however I’m off soon to the tiny (compared to fab Lourmarin and others) market to find some fresh farm eggs and veggies. A French style brasserie just opened nearby and we took a friend to lunch there yesterday – it’s really nice and I think will do well. This morning I may stop in for a croissant and cafe au lait to get the feel I’m back in wonderful Provence.
    The Paris iron is gorgeous – and your pics amazing Linda.
    In answer to your question. We did explore Apt but other than the great Sat. market, agree that it’s not the prettiest town. Of course staying at La Madone, such a fabulous place, made it all worthwhile! We did find two really nice restaurants there – if you want the names let me know.

    Have a fine weekend wherever your travels are taking you!
    Hugs – Mary.

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