A few signs I’ve seen recently.

I saw this one in Provence at a store selling lights and lamps.

This was in the metro station advertising the coming movie, W. I still haven’t seen it but I liked how they had Bush dressed up as Napoleon did when he made himself Emperor of France.

A sign at a local cafe advertising live music. Thought it was the Rolling Stones for a minute there.

3 thoughts to “Signs”

  1. I did see W and thought some of it was interesting…being from Texas, you may find it even more interesting. I can tell you that the acting was superb – particularly Josh Brolin as W and Richard Dreyfuss as Cheney, but all of the other big names as well: Rove, Powell, etc.

    Still, overall, I would most definitely put this in the wait for DVD category. Neither my mother nor I found it to be anywhere near worth the price of a ticket.

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