On The Road Again

Actually, in the air again. Tomorrow we leave Phoenix at the ungodly hour of 7 AM where we will then fly to Dallas, then NYC, and then Paris. It’s gonna be a long day. We’ve had a great time and eaten our way across America. Maurice loves those American breakfasts with pancakes, eggs, bacon and toast so we have had our share of those. I’ve had my Mexican food fix but somehow never got to a barbeque place. I’ve had too much junk food too. So, now back to France where I eat more healthily and more simply in many way. See you on the other side of the Atlantic.

6 thoughts to “On The Road Again”

  1. Safe journey, and may the memories of this trip satisfy you for a long time. It will be good to be home. I love that feeling of walking up to my door, unlocking it, and then stepping through into the space that is me. Doesn’t matter if I’ve been gone an hour or a month – homecoming is wonderful!

  2. Thank you for the trip down rte 66 – I’m (newly) in phx too and often wondered about it.
    If you have time today for bbq, there’s always honeybearsbbq.com at Central and Thomas!

  3. Have a safe trip home…bet your can’t wait!

    Wow that is a long long trip 🙁 hope is doesn’t take you too long to recover.

  4. Have a safe trip – great flight. It is a long day when you cannot fly direct from Phoenix to NYC…..take along some good reading materials. Maybe time for barbeque in Dallas or NYC????

    Looking forward to your return to Paris.

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