A Look Back

When I left Arizona yesterday the temperature was going to get up to 80 degrees. We arrived in Paris to gray skies, rain and temps in the 40’s. I was wearing a light jacket and cotton pants and had a few chilly moments there. We had a great time in the States. In a few days it will all seem like a dream. Right before we left we went to the beautiful town of Sedona, north of Phoenix. I always forget how gorgeous it is there.

Isn’t it amazing how fantastic red cliffs will suddenly appear in the landscape? The drive to Sedona is pretty boring to me but it is worth it when all of this comes into view.

A reflection in a puddle. They had a lot of rain there a few days before we arrived but look at those beautiful blue skies the day we were there!

Interesting desert vegetation growing right into the rock.

Smooth cliffs and rough. None of this geologic drama was caused by glaciers but is all due to rain, wind and the passage of time.

To get a really good look at the area you either need a four wheeler or a tour. We took the Pink Jeep Tour and we actually went down what you see here. It was scary and I tried not to scream.

Sorry this photo is dark. I took this behind our jeep to show what we just came down and what the car behind us is about to do.

Before we left Sedona we went up the hill to see this Chapel built in the 50’s up in the rocks. Frank Lloyd Wright has a hand in the design. As you might imagine, it had a fantastic view once you got up there.

6 thoughts to “A Look Back”

  1. Incredible photos and I’m sure it was an even more incredible experience!

    And Georges had “temperature shock” too on Wednesday when he came back to Paris from India. The weather has been crap lately, total crap.

  2. Ah the wonders of nature. I love the church building by F.L.Wright. It’s so amazing that he incorporated the design so well with the surroundings. No wonder he’s voted America’s greatest architect. 🙂

  3. Linda – that must have shook your innards! Talk about life’s rocky roads – that has to be a bone shaker!!!

    I love Sedona and have climbed up to that church to watch the sunset – just beautiful country.

    Glad you arrived back in Paris safely – know the weather has been cool and wet there however I’m sure it’s looking beautiful dressed for Christmas.

  4. 80 to 40, quite a drop. Wow what a path, no wonder you needed a jeep. Did a nice watercolour some time ago from one of my son’s photos of Sedona.

  5. My husband and I had performed at an opera festival twice in Flagstaff Arizona and nearly bought a home in Sedona in 1999. If it had worked, we probably wouldn’t ever have come to France to live, nor any of the three other countries we lived in before this. And having made the move to Europe of course changed the course of history for us and all our children, and their children. Funny to think how one twist of fate changes so much for so many!

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