Favorite French Recipes

I’m not sure if you could call this a recipe and I’m not even sure if it is French but today I wandered into an Oliviers and Co to have a look around and found samples of sliced bread toasted with olive oil infused with basil, flavored salt and tomato powder. It had a great flavor so I bought their little kit and made the toast for dinner.

I imagine these ingredients are available at Olivier and Co in the States but at a higher price. You can also buy salt here with white truffles which cost probably 5 times less than in the States so it’s always worth a look while in Paris.

I think it would be a great little apperatif maybe topped with a tomato or a slice of avocado. I made the toast and then made a simple salad along with some ravioli mixed with the same olive oil, some parmasan cheese and some fried parma ham. It was a great light dinner.

13 thoughts to “Favorite French Recipes”

  1. Now that’s a perfect meal for moi – wish I could dig in and enjoy with you!
    I remember you lugging Maurice’s baguette around Lourmarin that sunny day – such great memories and I want so much to go back again. Will I be that lucky? Hope so.

    Cold here in NC – need to hang more outdoor lights but this is much better – catching up with blog friends!
    Where will you be for the holidays?
    We’re off to NYC for a few days soon – won’t be Paris but it will be bright and jolly I hope.
    Hugs from us both.

  2. ooooh, this dinner yummy.

    I buy tomato powder thru the Spice House in Illinois (actually, I buy most of my spices there) but never thought to use it like this.

    I was just exploring the Olivieres website….interesting.

    Did you know that there really is no such thing as truffle oil? What is being sold as truffle oil is just infused with truffle aroma….and the “aroma” is synthetic!


  3. Those toasts sound delicious and I could eat them right now if I did not have the flavour of mollassess from some gingerbread making dulling my palette.

  4. That sounds wonderful and perhaps something that I could make with what I have on hand — except for the tomato powder of course. It also reminded me that I enjoyed one of my most memorable meals in France in a restaurant in a small hotel that catered mostly to student groups. That shouldn’t surprise me though as some of the best food where I live is in found in the most unexpected places. Thanks for the recipe and photo.

  5. Oh that does look good! I’m not sure I’ll find those ingredients in Wagga Wagga! Maybe Sydney…or I’ll just have to come back to Paris.

  6. I inspired! Found and Olivier and Co here in LA…in fact 4 stores in CA. So next time we go to The Grove, I’ll stop by. Sounds like a wonderful, simple but elegant dinner.

    Glad you returned home safely.

  7. Your supper sounds divine! I didn’t even know there was such a thing as tomato powder. Now tell me, do you make your own pasta? Welcome home, Linda!

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