One Good Thing

I usually get a little melancholy when the days start getting so short and the night starting so early and look forward to December 22nd when it all starts returning to days of longer light. I love it when it doesn’t get dark until after 10 PM in the summer. But one good thing about the sun setting so early is that I get to see sunsets in the Paris sky. In the summer I am usually inside, if not in bed, and miss the whole show that nature is putting on for those lucky to be out and observant at just the right time. Here are a few shots of a beautiful sky along the Seine not too long ago.

10 thoughts to “One Good Thing”

  1. Linda, these are spectacular. The December sunsets are quite remarkable for the light and shadow. Thanks for sharing them. I remember a couple like these from our December trip a couple of years ago.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous. Hang in there for the holidays. When your days start getting longer we start going in the other/wrong direction! Enjoy …

  3. Hi Linda,
    Wonderful photos that remind me of wonderful winter evening walks in Paris, thanks.

    I have a question perhaps you can help me. I have been searching for a ‘grow zone’ map of France, similar to the USDA map we have here in the states. We will be planting a small fruit orchard this spring at our french home. I want to make sure I am using the correct varieties for the area – Gers/Midi-Pyrenees – what do you think?
    Thanks and all the best,

  4. Even in daylight savings the latest it gets dark in Australia is around 9. We kept getting a shock at how late it was light when we were in Paris. It must be hard for parents of young children!

  5. Beautiful sunset Linda. Hard to believe you are going to have so much daylight when we are in darkness at 6pm here in SF. Hope your ho, ho, ho is picking up a little.
    Lisa & Alfie

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