There are parts of the Louvre Museum that I seldom get to. When people want to have a tour of the Louvre they almost always request the “Big Three”-Mona Lisa, Winged Victory and Venus de Milo. There’s a reason of course. There’s hardly anyone who hasn’t either heard of them or seen a photo or two in a book somewhere. They are even seen in movies: Remember Audrey Hepburn in the movie, Funny Face? She is running down the stairs in front of the Winged Victory saying, “Take the picture, take the picture!” If you haven’t seen it, it’s a good way to look at Paris in 1957. There are differences.
I do get clients, however, who want to see something not as popular. Some want to see the Dutch painters and just recently I had a request for the Egyptian wing. It has been so long since I have walked through there that I went the other day to refresh my memory.

This sculpture greets you as you enter one of the many rooms devoted to Egyptian art.

Isn’t this dramatic? I went to Egypt many years ago and saw temples with objects like this.

Colorful sarcaphagus.

Isn’t this sweet? The Egyptians had cats as pets all of those thousands of years ago.

Finally, what fascinates most people most: the mummy. I think that many were wrapped in a circular fashion but look at the mitered corners on the face here. They also put all of the vital organs inside separate containers. They went to such great lengths to preserve the body because they thought you took it with you into the after life. That’s why there were so many objects as well as food in the tombs as well.

5 thoughts to “Mummy”

  1. On my last trip to Paris, I spent probably a total of only 15 minutes with Mona Lisa, Winged Victory and Venus deMilo (not counting walking time in between) and about 3 hours in the Egyptian wing. I hadn’t even known it was there before, and it was fascinating! I also really enjoyed Napoléon’s apartments, which is another part that I hadn’t known existed. Those areas need a better PR agent, I think, because they are truly worth visiting!

  2. Linda, One of my all time favorite images is the lovely Audrey running down those steps in that fabulous red dress, eyes straight ahead and arms outstretched, holding the red scarf floating behind her. Each time I’m there I marvel that she didn’t fall face down those rather steep steps. I understand they did that scene with only one “take.”

    I agree that Napoleon’s apartments are a must see.

    The mummy with the square mitered face is intriguing. I don’t remember ever seeing a mummy decoration like that. Winter weather makes this a good time for museum going in Paris.

  3. My favorite is the cat! I was able to see the King Tut exhibit when it came to the LA County Museum a couple of years ago…just amazing!

    Merry Christmas to you, Linda.

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