The Best Thing About Christmas

Yes, Santa isn’t bad. He’s pretty high on my list, but my heart belongs here:

These are traditional Christmas cakes called Buche de Noel, shaped like little frosted logs.

These chocolate ones look even better to me. I especially like how they are decorated.

Love the red for Christmas. If I should have a party I will have to go buy one of these. Would you believe that I can’t remember where I saw these?

11 thoughts to “The Best Thing About Christmas”

  1. They look fantastic! We are getting a buche de Noel this year too 🙂 There’s a French bakery here in Rabat that does fresh ones. Not as many varieties, but no complaints!

  2. Aaaaaahhhhhhhh between your boulangerie photos and your Christmas foodie photos I am beside myself with envy! Thanks for sharing … drool, drool, sigh, sigh.

  3. Linda, I fully agree with Carolyn. Lots of “envy, drool, and sigh”. They look fantastic. French pastries rule. Beautiful photos.

  4. Linda,
    Please pick up a couple dozen of the Buche Noels for me if you don’t mind. lol Absolutely gorgeous! I hope you and your family are having a warm, cozy festive holiday season!
    Lisa & Alfie

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