It is really cold in Paris right now, staying in the 30’s all day long and with a stinging little wind. If the clouds and moisture were in the right mode, I’m sure there would be snow. We bundled up today and made our way down to the market on Nation. There are some things that just taste better on cold days like stew or roast chicken but today we decided on Choucrute a dish that seems more German to me which, it turns out, it is as it comes from Alsace, the part of France across the border from Germany, a country that it has been a part of several times in its history. The ingredients of choucroute are native to Alsace with cabbage made into sauerkraut, pork and potatoes-food that will stick to your ribs. You can pick out all sorts of pork at the market stall that is selling choucroute. My favorites are frankfurters, a thick sausage with a satisfying crunch when you bite into it, and a lean ham that has been cooked over a fire. The other pieces have too much fat in them for my tastes.
When I got home I put the sauerkraut into a pan with some white wine and chicken broth, top it with the meat and let it all cook for twenty minutes or so while I also boiled up some potatoes.
We ate it with a glass of Reisling from Alsace and it was a wonderful way to warm up on a cold frosty day. The only thing missing was a fire in a fireplace.

8 thoughts to “Cold”

  1. It looks freezing.

    We had porkribs and sauerkraut yesterday. A special Christmas porkribs which most Norwegians eat for Christmas Eve. It tasted lovely but is very fat.

  2. It’s cold here in Germany too. Brrrr! We’re driving to the Alsace region on Wed. The Strasbourg Christmas Market runs through the 31st. It’s such a lovely town and they have SUCH good food. They savory crepes are my favorite. Yummy!

  3. found you through laura lines and really enjoy your page. :0 i love all things French- the dress, Paris, the music, the history, the storefronts, the cafes, the food….

  4. That sounds delicious! Not the sort of thing we can eat at the moment as our temperatures are also in the thirties, but celcius.

  5. Paris and snow – that will be lovely; I hope you will take a few photos to share with us if it snows!

    The dish you describe reminds me a lot of something I used to make – pork spare ribs are baked in the oven till tender, on a bed of sauerkraut with small red potatoes tucked all around. Perfect comfort food for winter days. In fact, I might dig out that recipe again…I had forgotten about it. Thanks for the reminder!

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