The Orsay Museum is where you will find many of the famous Impressionist Paintings. It is such a thrill to see them in person.

Degas did many of his famous paintings of ballet dancers.

It’s amazing to me to see what these artists did closeup with points or tiny strokes of paint.

I wish my table looked like this when I had tea. I usually just have a mug of tea while sitting at my computer.

Incredible-the color, the technique. So much fun to roam around and look at the creativity of others.

5 thoughts to “Closeup”

  1. I make a point of using my beautiful tea things all the time. They give me, and the people I’m having tea with, lots of joy. Of course my table doesn’t actually look as beautiful as that…

  2. I had such a good time the day I visited there! (Yes, only a day…) These pictures are wonderful – and bring back a bunch of memories. Happy New Year!

  3. I LOVE your site. I come here on occasion and sit in your wonderful world. I have often wondered if my little world would be so appealing or if it’s actually YOU who draws your readers. Hmmm. My compliments either way!

    It’s VERY cold in Utah today.[ smiling ]

  4. I love how you find so many subjects to photograph.
    If I am ever in France I will have to take your tour!
    You have a way of making the simplest things seem wonderful.

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