January 5th-I woke up this morning and it was snowing. On the meteo, the portion of the news showing the weather, it showed orange all over northern France which means bad weather, dangerous driving. It kept snowing all day long. I was hoping to get out for photos but by the time I made it outside the light was gone.

I took this just inside the Tuleries Gardens.

Across Rue du Rivoli.

If you look closely, you might see the snow falling.

10 thoughts to “Snow”

  1. Love the photos – brr! Beautiful though – cheers from the beach – definitely that “other side of the world thing” with today’s weather in Paris and Sydney.

    Stay warm …

  2. Wish I could have dashed out of the jardin de Tuileries and ducked into Angelina’s with you for a cup of hot chocolate. What time of day was the photo taken on rue de Rivoli? I’ve never been to Paris at this time of year but I suspect that even with the street lights on, it was late afternoon.
    It’s a lovely photo with lots of atmosphere. You keep getting better!

  3. Beautiful photos Linda. We had snow and very cold weather over Christmas in NYC. Our trip was wonderful. Great to have the cold and snow for a bit. Could NOT live in it anymore. Makes me love SoCal even more.

    Happy New Year.


  4. The Tuleries shot its awesome – I’m almost certain I’ve seen a similar view in an impressionist painting – Monet? Childe Hassam perhaps? Snowy Paris street scene sans people or traffic – how much better could it get!! Lucky you being there!!

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