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Once a friend who was visiting me said, “If I lived in Paris, I would be taking cooking classes all of the time”. I thought at the time, she’s right, I should be taking advantage of cooking classes. France is known for its food and I should be learning as much as I can. Still, it took a while for me to finally sign up for a class. I waited until the end of December 2008 and most classes were full. I thought it would be fun to take one teaching a Christmas menu but finally had to settle for one on risotto which, since I recently, if not after the rest of the world, discovered risotto, wasn’t a bad thing. The class was in the 11th arrondissement at a place called Atelier des Sens. There were 8 people taking the class and it was taught by an Italian chef with his own restaurant in the 11th. We cooked four recipes of risotto and I can’t wait to try them at home. The best one was of a risotto that was cooled and then cut into rounds and fried. Since then I’ve read of the same recipe in the New York Times.

The chef showing us how it’s done.

Our table at the end of the class where we got to eat what we had prepared. Wine was even provided.

Rice pudding, but made with risotto. He also added creme anglais to it at the end which is a rich sweet cream, not to mention topping it with yummy chocolate.
It was really filling to eat four kinds of risotto but I managed. The class itself was all in French by the way. I’m not sure if they offer classes in English. I’m going to take more classes either here or elsewhere. It is a great way to stimulate trying new dishes and ways of cooking.

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  1. Love risotto and wow, cooking class in Paris – yum! Am sure you will do a great job at home, too.

    As Julia Child always said, bon appetit!

  2. A big step to sign up for one of thoses classes..Well done…such a great day, and learning lots as well..

    Hope you do sign up for more, love to read about them. 🙂

  3. That looks really exciting. I read the British edition of “Country Living” a lot and they write about cooking classes, knife handling classes, sausage smoking classes… if I lived somewhere where things like that were offered, I’d hope I’d take advantage of it too!

  4. What a fabulous thing to do! My husband doesn’t like risotto so I don’t make it anymore which is probably a good thing because I like it a little too much. I really feel like the dessert risotto right now….

  5. Bravo! A cooking class en francais! You must be getting really fluent…perhaps a new title for the blog is in order. 🙂

  6. When we were planning our visit to Paris, there were several places for classes that I had scouted. I believe one of the two major department stores has cooking classes for holiday meals-Galeries Lafayette?? Looked like a lot of fun!

    Glad you found one to experiment with new dishes. I’ve not made risotto-but sure enjoy eating it.

  7. Looks fun! Cooking is a great hobby itself – You’re always experimenting on different techniques and ingredients!

  8. A lot for me to catch up with Linda. All good. The cookery lessons sound a brilliant idea.
    Interesting to see snow in Paris.

    The sunrise is beautiful. I cannot see sunrises from my house only b eautiful sunsets and I keep telling myself I should get up and go onto the hill close by where I would see the sunrise. Yet to do it.

    I had better get my French posts right if you are following!! I was not a blogger in 2002 so not as many and varied photos as I would take now.

  9. Oh Linda, how exciting! I love risotto – especially mushroom! Haven’t heard of the one you described, but I’m hoping you share the recipe and photos of them (hint, hint, hint).

    I’m enjoying catching up with your blog and the gorgeous photos and interesting stories.

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