Ornate is just one word of many that you can use to describe the bridge in Paris crossing the Seine at Invalides. You could also say flamboyant and over the top.

A section in the middle.

A river goddess with a view of the Eiffel Tower.

A happy little guy on the bridge.

There’s even a crab or two along with some fish.

A sweet little foot.

7 thoughts to “Ornate”

  1. Oh how I envy you. I love Paris. Your photos are beautiful. I’m planning at least 3 trips to Paris this year, but I would so love to live there. Of course my French is tres terrible. Maybe I could be “Even More Frenchless in France” 😉

  2. I second tammycicero’s comment.

    I also think that ‘hilarious’ could be added to the list of words to describe this bridge. It’s so over the top, I just can’t stop myself from giggling!

  3. What an interesting post, Linda. Each time I’ve been to that bridge, I never *really* looked at all of the decorations…just a quick glance on my way elsewhere. The cat-tails on the section in the middle are particularly unique. (perhaps a tribute to the Marais)

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