Montmartre Meanderings

The last time I was up on the hill of Montmartre the sun was shining and the sky was blue. It’s too chilly today, and has been for over a week, to venture there. There was actually a dusting of snow on the ground on the morning I wrote this-not a good thing when trying to make your way up and down streets and steps.

Some of the steps on Montmartre for that aerobic workout.

Sacre Coeur looks so great against a blue sky.

There aren’t many artists in Montmartre when it gets cold but always a few.

A street curving up the hill.

10 thoughts to “Montmartre Meanderings”

  1. I love these photos. They make me want to be there.
    Chilly here on the east coast also and supposed to bet even worse.
    Stay warm!

  2. I still want to be there!! Yes not a good idea if the steps are looks a lovely place. I bet it is great when all the artists are out.

  3. It’s beautiful and reminds me of the film Amelie. I think the film’s name was much longer in other places but it is one of Australia’s favourite movies.

  4. It is such a beautiful place. We went up in the cupola once (talk about a workout!) and had a gorgeous view of the city. Je suis un ancien élève du sacré coeur à Chicago!

  5. We were going to go there but we had a pouring down rain day. I’m sorry I missed it. The next day though was beautiful and we drove to Mt. St. Michele. So I DID get my exercise in! Lovely photos.

  6. I always enjoy strolling up the hill, looking in the little shops, passing the carousel, then climbing the steps anticipating that awesome view of all of Paris, wow! is an understatement.

    Those steps in your great image – I think they were also in ‘La Vie en Rose’ (the Edith Piaf movie which is one of my all time faves with fabulous Marion Cotillard).

    Yes, the city is so beautiful and vibrant, the history notorious and passionate. I hope so much to get back again some day for an extended visit, not just the obligatory few days – there’s so much to see. Meanwhile, keep bringing us your stunning photos Linda – and stay warm while out and about.

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