From My Window

This morning I was rushing around, getting dressed, making the bed when I opened the curtains in our bedroom I noticed a pink light coming in the window. It has warmed up a bit here, thank goodness, and some rain has entered France which gives some clouds in the sky to catch the color of the sun as it comes up. It was such a pleasant surprise to lean out my window and see:

Some brilliantly lit clouds if I looked left and,

a rainbow if I looked right.

Excuse the blur, but I like this picture because it shows the reflection of pink light on the pavement.

11 thoughts to “From My Window”

  1. Ooooh, pink! (Guess what my favourite colour is?) Lends an interesting moodiness to your photos, I think. You take a lot of great photos, but these would be among my top choices.

  2. Wow!!!!!! Absolutely gorgeous.

    I am wondering what time you were up to see those colors … really stunning.

    Enjoy the warmer temps up there!

    Cheers from summer 🙂

  3. absolutely fab morning sky…
    this morning it is 25 and brisk…clear but for a waning full moon.
    have a wonderful afternoon.

  4. I doubt there’s ever a time when Paris is not stunning no matter the climatic conditions! These are beautiful shots Linda – worth crawling out of a warm bed for!

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