I was going to title this Marais Meanderings but I feel like I’m repeating myself which I tend to do a lot of anyway. The Marais is a part of Paris that if full of history, even more than usual for Paris, with lots of interesting corners and streets.

It’s not often that you find a castle in a residential area.

The back alley into a church.

They sell great Falafal on rue des Rosiers.

Some fashionable grafitti. The Marais is loaded with shops-I see new ones all of the time-so maybe that’s the reason for this grafitti.

10 thoughts to “Marais”

  1. Linda, What did you do about the tiles coming off your pool? We have a similar pool in Provence and wondered if you had a professional fix it, and if so, what company did you use.

    Thanks, Annabelle

  2. That’s one neighbourhood that I have not spent any time in on any of my visits to Paris. Hmmm – I think I might have to travel there again!

  3. That’s the most appealing grafitti I’ve ever seen. It certainly beats “gang-speak.” And what interesting news from poppy fields RE the chateau at Ansouis. It’s sad – after being in the same family for, what? 700 years or something.

  4. Oh what fun! I love Falafal but have to make my own here. They turn out pretty good, but the sauce is just not there yet!

    In my mind I walk down the alley, enjoy a falafal at an outdoor table and feast my eyes on gorgeous grafitti!

    I always thought grafitti was just letters or numbers, words. But a few years ago I discovered the work of French grafitti artist Fafi and was dumbfounded! (

    Looking forward to my next views of Paris, via your eyes!!

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