Ready For Love

Laduree, a popular tea shop in Paris, has its windows ready for Valentine’s Day. At least that is my guess.

This year they are using lavender for the main color.

I wouldn’t mind getting one of these on Valentine’s Day.

Or one of these.

They have candles and fragrance this year too. Smart marketing for women.

You see a lot of these pastries for sale for Christmas and long into January. They are filled with an almond paste and quite yummy. If you get the little favre left in the cake, you get to wear a crown. They are called Galettes de Roi.

11 thoughts to “Ready For Love”

  1. I went to Laduree and LOVED it. I queued for ages to choose two little boxes of different coloured and flavoured macaroons. I still have the pretty boxes. Nigella Lawson has several recipes for Galettes de Roi because they are meant to be eaten on the Epiphany whic is her birthday. I just love the almond paste.

  2. Gorgeous boxes, packaging and yummy treats. What visuals. Laduree has it all and you truly captured it.

    Thanks, Linda

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