Often when leaving the Louvre and crossing the Pont des Arts I am asked what the building is on the other side of the Seine. It is the Institute de France which is made up of five academies, the best known being the Academie Francaise which is known for its regulation of the French language among other things. The building itself was bequeathed by Cardinal Mazarin before he died and his tomb is inside. I’ve long wanted to see the inside, just as I did Sorbonne University, and so jumped at the chance when I read about a tour inside.

A Sundial. I saw one inside of the Sorbonne as well.

In the chapel which is under the dome in the middle of the structure is the tomb of Mazarin, again, rather like Sorbonne where there is an equally striking tomb for Richlieu.

All of the ritual ceremonies take place under this cupola. Notice that it is oval in shape but a round dome on the outside.

Napoleon was a member. In fact, he had the whole organization moved back here after he was emporor as it had been closed during the Revolution when part of it was used as a prison.

A view of the whole chamber which I thought was really impressive.

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  1. I always find sundials interesting. The interior is really gorgeous, and the way they have the seats arranged reminds me of the Colloseum!

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