There is a little shop along Rue du Rivoli, not far from Angelina where you can get world famous hot chocolate, that sells really delightful dishes and jewelry. They are rather fantastic looking like something out of Alice in Wonderland to me but I think it would be fun to serve tea to company with a set of these.

Pink isn’t really in my house at all but I like these. The company, by the way, is called Soznick.

Champagne glasses too. (I also saw some painted high top tennis shoes there that were fun.)

Some of their jewelry in the window.
I heard that the plates were started when the designer was going to have a party and couldn’t find any dishes that she liked, so she made her own. I’ve never been able to find out if this was true. I did some research some time ago thinking I would interview her but she is illusive, rather like the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland.

10 thoughts to “Pretty”

  1. I love a touch of whimsey in the house. It can be so unexpected and people get a bit of a giggle from it.
    These things are lovely.

  2. Now these dishes are right up my alley! Except that I already have dishes with lots of pink in them. (I know – quelle surprise, coming from someone with a nickname such as mine…)

  3. Linda, this looks a lot like the store Soizick that I visited on Rue du Rivoli. I couldn;t resist, and bought several little pink treasures. Looking at one now is a constant reminder of the fun of shopping along that street.

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