A Paris Surprise

I wasn’t having a bad day but I was carrying a heavy sack filled with silverware that I had bought on sale. Why is that stuff so heavy? I thought, since I had my heavy load, and being in the Marais I would head to rue des Francs Bourgeois and catch my favorite bus, number 29. It goes right by my apartment building and would save me the trudge from the nearest metro stop to us. I arrived on the rue, looked left and there, half a block from where I stood, was bus 29 at the stop. I ran like a mad woman waving my Navigo pass hoping the driver would see me and take pity on me but he wouldn’t even make eye contact with me and I’m sure it’s against the law or something to stop on the street where there isn’t a stop but still. Bus 29 doesn’t have that many buses as some other routes have. If I stood there I knew there would be a 20 to 30 minute wait. I even half heartedly tried to make it to the next stop further on by the Place des Vosges as it wasn’t far and the bus had to stop at a red light but, alas, I just couldn’t make it.
Well, dang, although I was thinking more than that. I decided to make the walk back to the metro stop taking a short cut through the Place des Vosges cursing as I marched along with my heavy bag pulling my arm down and my back starting to hurt along with my feet. I noticed a man and woman a little way ahead. He was taking a photo of a little table outside a jewelry shop there in the walkway which always has an orchid plant on it. I’ve taken a photo of it myself as it looks really sweet and lovely sitting there. I stopped to wait for him to finish his photo. As I walked by I glanced at him and stopped. It was Paul McCartney of The Beatles fame. Who hasn’t thrilled to their songs? I spent many an hour in high school listening over and over again to them.
I was so startled that I said, “Oh, Hi!”. He looked at me like, “Do I know you?” but in a second said Hi back. Then I blurted out with my hand on my heart, “I’m just so surprised to see you here!” And he replied, “I like surprising people.” Isn’t that nice? I didn’t have my camera with me or I’m sure I would have taken a photo. By the way, the woman he was with is the one he is rumored to be dating now according to my Google search.
Anyway, as I boarded my metro I thought how nice it was to have seen Paul McCartney and how exciting it had made my afternoon. Maybe the fates were making it up to me for having missed that bus. And, in the funny way things can turn out-I would never have seen him if I hadn’t missed the bus. I’m sure he went right back to his hotel room to write about me too.

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  1. What a great story! I just read an interview he gave. He said he loves that his presence makes people happy and that he never gets tired of people’s loving reactions towards him. And that’s why he has never stopped being in public and living his life. He also said he would rather give people what they really want, acknowledgement and a bit of conversation than have his picture taken with them. I thought that was a very thoughtful answer. He made your day and you added to his! How cool is that?

  2. Hi Linda, I found your blog through a somewhat accidentally circuitous route, but am I ever glad I did! I added you to my blogroll and everything.

    I’ve long been making plans to someday be Frenchless in France myself (okay, I might just be semi-Frenchless).

    This was a great story and now, on this snowy day in Ottawa, I’ve taken a day off work and am going to do nothing but read blogs — beginning with this one.

  3. I truly enjoyed reading this delightful post. I love it when our day seems to be going one direction, and then turns on a dime. Thanks for blogging.

  4. Kind of convenient that you say you met him but didn’t have your camera, don’t you think? Hahaha, just kidding. That is SO cool. Since you had a bag of silverware, you should have asked him if he “wanted to fork!!!”

  5. How utterly exciting! I would have been a babbling boon. Yes, you were meant to have missed your bus so you could meet up with Sir Paul. And for him to acknowledge you. Perhaps I would have said “PAUL, it’s me!” tehe. NOT! What a lovely story. xo

  6. A wonderful story Linda! Makes me happy just to think about the spring that that brief encounter must have put in your step.

  7. What fun this must have been. I,along with 2 other middle aged friends walked straight into Dustin Hoffman once in a side street in New York. We were so shocked that in one accord we shouted “it’s Dustin Hoffman!” How silly we felt. It’s the suddeness and not expecting it.

    Anyhow he just smiled.

  8. Oh what fun! You just never know what is waiting for you. What an interesting series of events led to this encounter, and how fortunate you were in choosing those paths!

  9. Oh, I so enjoyed your story. What a lift to
    one’s day! However, please do also share the story of the silverware. This sounds

  10. Oh I am so jealous! I’m here in Paris too. Think he’s still here? I would venture out in the snow for that opportunity! (Here by way of The Bold Soul). I’ll have to go back and read your archives now! 🙂

  11. Linda, did you remember to address him as Sir Paul? How fun to bump into someone so famous. Were they loaded with Paris shopping bags by chance? And what’s with the silverware? Sounds interesting if you were risking your shoulder and back for a sack of spoons perhaps!!!

    He has probably been the nicest Beatle and was certainly talented in his music. It was sad that his first wife died so early – that second one was nothing but a gold digger. As for this new girlfriend – don’t know much about her but sounds like she’s loaded too so perhaps wants him for himself and not the millions he has remaining after forking over many of them to Heather!!

    I’m really not into entertainers – they are overpaid and so full of themselves it’s pathetic.

    How about London and the big, for there, snow today! Any falling in Paris?

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