Picasso in the Morning

A friend convinced me that I had to see a show of Picasso being held in the Grand Palais before it closed in two days. I am not a fan of Picasso. I don’t like art that takes pieces of objects and then puts them back together in strange shapes but my friend told me that this art exhibit was being written about all over the world and that it was very important in the art world and that we should take advantage of the fact that it was in Paris. She convinced me. There was just one problem. Because it was so famous and because it was at the end of the exhibit the Grand Palais was staying open 24 hours a day for three days. She decided that if we showed up at six in the morning that there wouldn’t be the hours long line to get in. So I met her there after dragging myself out of bed one very cold morning before the sun came up with the temperatures in the thirties and a brisk wind blowing. And it turned out that many people had the same idea. We saw a photo in a Paris paper later showing people in line at 2AM, in fact. An hour and a half later we were inside fighting the crowds, getting a look at the exhibit. It was interesting to see the paintings of Picasso and how he developed as an artist-except for his nudes, I really don’t like them- but I enjoyed the paintings by masters that he had studied and used for stimulation and inspiration, such as Manet or Goya.

One of the paintings that I took a photo of before I was told photos weren’t allowed. I wasn’t using flash.

The crowd waiting outside in the cold when we left.

A corner of the Grand Palais which was in the sun when we came out but had been in darkness when we arrived.

7 thoughts to “Picasso in the Morning”

  1. I love that you got a photo before “you knew”. I am a firm believer that the rules don’t mean me until someone tells me they do. Then I become sheep. The first photo on your post is truly wonderful if not a bit haunting in a dead artist sort of way.

  2. You are mostly likely looking about the blogging world with a cup of coffee as you wake up to your day while I am looking about the blogging world with a glass of red wine as I get ready to go to sleep in California. How wonderful is that? I love this little word we all share.

  3. Wow, great photos and good on you for going at 6am. I think I agree with you about Picasso. I too always seem to get to exhibits in the last week!

    Glad you got to this one. I love the Grand Palais. Hope you got a nap later.


  4. Linda, my husband and I waited in line for THREE HOURS on December 31st to see this show. It was absolutely freezing—remember how cold it got around New Year’s? But it was one of the only art shows we could see on that trip because the museums were closed most days we were there. PIcasso was such a misogynist and cruel person, it’s hard for me to look at his work and see anything other than extreme emotional toxicity. This was no exception.

  5. I am very happy to have seen this exhibit as it improved my knowledge of art in general. I do not like everything that Picasso painted but it was interesting to see how he would deconstruct a masterpiece and recreate it through his own colorful and playful vision.

  6. I like Picasso’s work very much but 6am in the cold has to mean loving his work! Morning, dark and cold are not a wonderful combination. I am very impressed you went.

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