I was with two rabid animal lovers recently who were absolutely appalled when they saw these two animals all dolled up to sell Orangina, a popular orange soda drink in France.

An innocent zebra looking pretty provacative.

A lion?

But these are nothing to the commercial seen on TV and at movie theatres
with performances similar to those seen in strip clubs. I hear it cost millions to make it and I have to say that I was surprised when I first saw it but not because of any animal rights, just because it was very suggestive.

And then there is this poster all over Paris advertising a French movie. I don’t think this would get by the censors in America.

9 thoughts to “Risqué”

  1. The bear and the zebra are kind of tasteless, but nothing to get very upset about. There is plenty of “furry” art for that, and even then I tend to think it’s a good thing there’s a legal outlet for zoophilia that doesn’t injure animals. It doesn’t exactly need to be splashed across the carbonated drinks in a very tacky way, though.

  2. Wow, definitely risqué and I think they’re quite clever, too. I agree the movie poster probabaly wouldn’t make it in the U.S. Not sure about Australia – might make it here, but with a litte outcry …

  3. Well, the animals are just…weird. I do love Orangina though. Yummy. I like it on a hot summer day with a fresh baked pretzel. Heaven.
    I think the movie poster is actually pretty cool. It’s not really exposing anything. Heck, you could see more skin on the beaches in the US. What is the movie?

  4. those animals are indeed weird…guess trying to appearl to pre-teens/teens…gosh knows.
    the other ad with the women is not too bad but…not appealing to me for whatever it might be selling.

    i think that one animal is a beefcake bear…lol.
    have a great weekend.


  5. We arrived in Paris after spending 2 years in a conservative Muslim country, and spent our first few days averting our eyes in shock! 😉 The lingerie ads at eye-level, for example… My then 6 year-old said to me earnestly, “Do the French like Spiderman and naked people? I know they like naked people, but do they also like Spiderman?” ROFL.

    As for the sexy animals, it doesn’t do it for me, but the movie poster doesn’t bother me. I saw that ad on Yahoo.fr the other day.

  6. Definitely a different sensibility from the US. I don’t care for the animals (just kind of yuckily odd) but the people poster is OK. Will we ever be far from an image that evokes the naked and pregnant Demi Moore, though?

  7. We have all that puritan ethic blood pumping through our US veins. The animals are just..wrong! The lion/bear/man thing in particular. I do like the movie poster, though. It could be a Vanity Fair cover.

  8. Daig. Risque indeed! I love Orangina and that is my drink of choice in France at cafes. (!I’m allergic to wine!) I think I’d rather see a beautiful naked body than some wild animal dressed up like an exotic dancer!

  9. I do believe we have Orangina over here, too, but no sexy, anthropomorphized animals.It still amazes me that a naked body is censored over here, but you can show all kinds of disgusting violence and bloody horrors on prime time TV

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