Marais Mix

I spent a long time the other day waiting for someone at the St Paul metro stop in the Marais and while I did I whiled away the time taking some photos and people watching.

I like city lamps.

I love these creatures called chimeries that hold up the balcony right across from the metro exit.

My, was this couple into each other. They must have stood there for twenty minutes saying goodbye. Then, when he finally tried to walk away-she kept stopping him with a kiss or a touch-they kept turning and looking at each other to wave goodbye several times. I hope they don’t see this photo and sue me. Maybe they might actually like a copy. Sort of looks like an advertisement for a romantic movie but on reflection, since it was early afternoon, I’m thinking they met for little romance and that he is married with two children at home. I’m getting cynical in my old age. By the way, I was probably 20 feet away when I took this photo.

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  1. When I first saw that photo of the couple I thought you were showing another movie promo photo. It’s actually a lovely photo. And you live in France! Home of Love (or amier)! Don’t be cynical. Maybe they were in love when they were young and separated by their parents. They rediscovered each other recently online and met up for a weekend only to realize that they are still completely in love. He’s getting ready to leave for a year long volunteer gig with Doctors without Borders and won’t be able to contact her frequently because he’s going to be in some third world country with little to no internet access. She has promised to wait for him, but can’t bear the thought of not seeing him for another year after all the time they lost. Letting him go is impossible and she can’t resist touching and kissing him just one more time before he leaves. Now, isn’t that romantic? Doesn’t that fit your photo?

  2. Were you waiting for Sir Paul? Wow, I thought that photo was from a movie trailer. It first looked like Kate Winslet. I may have to agree with your reading of the “couple.” Although the romantic in me loves High Heels’ story too. Aw, to be young and in new love. sigh.

  3. Such a lovely photos of the couple, I did think it was a film photo!!

    Definetely not been married for years and years …:-) :-)…

    Certainly passionate and meaningful. !

  4. Hi Linda,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving the comment. You daughter-in-law is very talented!! My friends and I fell in love immediately at the originality and cuteness of the items in the store. That pink purse had my name written ALL over it! In fact, the store in the Marais is about 2 minutes from metro St. Paul… I wonder if you stopped by the store while you were there… The woman who was working there was a DOLL- sooo sweet… Anyhow… I love your photos and oddly, I haven’t put your blog on my blog roll. I’m doing so now. Take care and have a great Sunday…

  5. A gorgeous photo of the couple. If it had been me, I wouldn’t have been able to resist engaging the woman in conversation afterwards. I’d tell her I found their romantic episode so beautiful I captured in on film. I’d have shown her the photo and asked her if she’d like a copy and then chatted a bit to try and get her to reveal something of her story. Very intriguing.

  6. You’re very brave to take the photo of the couple, it is a lovely photo, I’d have been too worried they would catch me taking it and get upset! I suppose a bomb could have gone off next to them and they wouldn’t have noticed…

  7. Definitely great photo of the couple in the Marais. Thanks for the smile re your additional thoughts (re suing you and their marital status, etc!).


  8. We just got back from Paris and I think people watching was one of my favorite things to do. This picture of the couple kissing epitomizes what it’s really like.

  9. Before I even read what you wrote ” I’m thinking they met for little romance and that he is married with two children at home.”….

    I thought the same exact thing!

    ” I’m getting cynical in my old age.’

    Me too!

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