Rabbi on a Bicycle

The other day I saw a Rabbi (or manybe just an Orthodox Jew) drive by on his bicycle in his hat, long coat and long curling side curls with a basket full of groceries and some daffodils sticking up. How I wish I could have gotten him from the front but I couldn’t get my camera up in time, not to mention he may have run over me seeing me taking a photo. I did a couple of photoshop things with the photo just to see if I could make it more interesting.

Regular photo.

Love that photoshop.

7 thoughts to “Rabbi on a Bicycle”

  1. We don’t get to see Jews or Israelis here in Malaysia due to our official political stance against the Israeli aggression on Palestinians. How sad. It’d be interesting to spot one or two Jews in traditional robes on the street here.

  2. I love how the yellow of the daffodils is exactly the same as the yellow of the cafe chairs and the lights and then the red in the sign is sort of parallel in shape and colour to the name of the shopping bag. It’s a very French photograph.

  3. I’m so impressed that you know what you’re doing with Photoshop! I am not even sure how to open it up, much less how to do anything with it. 🙂

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