Carnavalet Museum

In the part of Paris called the Marais is the Carnavalet Museum. It was founded by Haussman, that great city architect of Paris who, as he was tearing down buildings all over Paris, also saved pieces of them in this museum which is comprised of three buildings joined together. It is today a museum of the history of Paris and the Mayor of Paris has made it free to the public which is nice.

This is on the gate outside the museum, one of my favorite ships in Paris, a symbol of Paris and found all over the city, but none this nice.

A statue of Louis XIV which miraculously escaped distruction during the Revolution. This is found inside the courtyard as you enter the museum.

A victory angel that was originally on the top of a fountain that is in Place de Chatelet. There is just a replica there now. This is the original, brought here to preserve it.

A maze inside one of the courtyards. In the summer there are flowers in parts of it. It is made of boxwood. I never noticed the odor before until a lady told me that it always made her feel sick when she smelled it. Now I notice it all the time. Sort of like cat pee unfortunately.

The other side of the gate where my favorite ship is. The stone section of the gate was originally part of the Tuleries Palace which was destroyed during the commune.

6 thoughts to “Carnavalet Museum”

  1. Linda, I read your blog all the time and never comment. It’s time. I swoon over your beautiful photographs and your writing. Thanks for sharing your world (and humor) with us.

  2. Really great photos. I like this museum – last year saw a good Benjamin Franklin exhibit there. Have not been to the maze though (oh dear about the ‘fragrance’!).

  3. I have box growing in my garden and I do not smell that cats pee but I know some do!
    This is a wonderful museum and its free! LOL

  4. This is my favorite museum in Paris! I always recommend it to visitors. Angelina’s hot chocolate is one of my favorite things too. I forced my poor boyfriend to walk for about 45 minutes to find the cafe because I didn’t realize how far it was–but I’m glad I did.

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