Rue du Rivoli

The covered passage ways on Rue du Rivoli are full of shops but I like it best when the sun is shining.

The sun pouring through the columns on a very cold but sunny day.

This bike was outside the Hotel Meurice. I’m thinking that guests staying there can use this one and others.

A cafe with comfy chairs outside in the sun and red curtains behind.

I bet there is a really cool apartment behind this door with a fabulous view of the Tuleries Garden across the way.

A view of the pavement of Rue du Rivoli heading down towards the Louvre Museum.

10 thoughts to “Rue du Rivoli”

  1. I always heave a sigh after visiting your blog. It looks so lovely and sunshiney and spring-like there. And then I look out the window and see 3 feet of snow and wind and dreary greyness. I do believe I’m in the wrong place.

  2. Ah the rue du Rivoli! Now THIS is something I definitely remember from our 2001 visit…I have strolled along those very pavements you are showing and can even remember some of the shops…and the bus tour company where we departed for day trips in lovely air conditioned buses (it was blazing hot and humid)…and a shop selling very expensive enamel boxes…and of course the souvenir shops with all the tourist junk…and further down, garden shops with plants and flowers lining the pavements….great memories. Thanks!

  3. I’ve always loved walking along there. I’m thinking there’s a book store at the end. Maybe Brentano’s? I know I’ve browsed it many times and brought back many books from there.

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