Windows and Pigeons

The windows of Lavin were a surprise to me. You don’t expect to see pigeons as part of the decoration. They looked liked real pigeons to me (although stuffed), but well kept ones with shiny feathers and maybe manacures.

I like these tennis shoes, as does the pigeon.

If there were more pigeons this could be a scene from The Birds.

Looking for something to eat.

The mannequins are either enjoying the sun or screaming about the pigeons.

13 thoughts to “Windows and Pigeons”

  1. They are definitely screaming about the pigeons! Very good 🙂

    I have major disgust for (to?) pigeons. UGH. Can’t imagine why any business would include them in their display.

    (Edvard Munch face) *Scream*

    (Good photos as always, though!)

  2. I love the windows, very inventive and imaginative.
    Pidgeons do seem to be part of city life.
    I like how they are hanging out around the Newspaper as if discussing what they just read there.

  3. I am sorry to say…”What were they thinking of”!!!!!

    I cannot stand pigeons..when I am in London, Leicester square and they are in their millions, and fly into you…argggghhhh.

    There were a few in the covered market Oxford yesterday, and one flew right by me…:-(

  4. How funny! Not the type you find on the streets of Paris or London? The kid and I were talking about a one-legged pigeon (in Leicester Sq. Anne!) just yesterday! Funny. At least these look clean against the nice displays.

  5. Do people think the shop deliberately put those pigeons in there? I would have thought they’d made their way in on their own. No one in their right mind would have those nasty filthy things around their lovely shoes and things. And it’s good to see French pigeons don’t look any less nasty and filthy than pigeons anywhere else.

  6. Ah – les pigeons de Paris! On our last trip there, Darling Daughter and I had many hilarious encounters with them, where one of us would stealthily approach a bunch of them, stamp a foot, yell “Vlan!”, and we’d both laugh uproariously as they flew away in a frenzy. Crazy tourists …

  7. I think the displays are awesome. They definitely got peoples’ attention, right? What a great way to attract people to the displays. All the pictures made me smile. Then again, if you remember, I used to have doves (a little different) and they breed and had at least 4 sets of babies!

  8. Always astounds me how these artistic window dressers come up with such amazing ideas to sell the wares. Large city dept. stores spend millions on these types of displays. Yes, like the sneakers – I’m looking for a pair of silver ones like I saw on Nathalie from La Madone in Apt!! I thought they were so neat with her leggings and semi sheer skirt – but of course she is young and would look just as gorgeous in a burlap sack!

    What fun at the Swiss carneval – the boys are really growing fast.
    Bob and I send you hugs from cold and snowy North Carolina!

  9. When it comes to window design, I still say nobody does it as well as the French! Great looking windows here and those pigeons DO look real!

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