Opera Encore

It’s hard to pass up taking photos of the Garnier Opera house when it is shining in the sun. I’ve done it before. I did it again.

That’s Apollo at the top. A sort of Apollo theme can be found inside.

A reflection of the Opera House in the hotel across the street.

Here’s Garnier himself. There are also a couple of likenesses inside.

This is on the side of the building. The rounded ramps going up on either side were built so Napoleon III could enter the opera without getting out of his carriage outside having escaped an assasination attempt on a narrow Paris street before. He, by the way, is the one who decided to have this opera house built. He would have exited the Tuleries Palace where he lived at the time (burned down in the Commune), turned left on Avenue de l’Opera (which was to be called Boulevard Napoleon III) and gone straight to the Opera House. However, he was no longer in power when the time came. In fact, the opera house was not finished when he was forced to resign and it’s lucky the Garnier was finally able to finish it. It’s also lucky that it wasn’t burned during the Commune since most of Paris was against Napoleon III at the time. Once you see it, especially the interior, you are so glad it is still here for us to look at.

10 thoughts to “Opera Encore”

  1. I take it the architect Garnier has nothing whatsover to do with the beauty house Garnier (L’oreal of Paris). Beautiful pictures from you once again.

  2. I love the top photo most. The green of the copper against the blue sky is marvellous with that touch of gold. Great eye!!

    I love opera too. Looks like a grand venue for it.

  3. Beautiful indeed (and please keep doing it!)

    We’re not Opera fans but the Garnier Opera never fails to impress both of us – it’s really stunning and great to see the blue sky, too!


  4. Lovely. You take such nice photos. One of my all time favorite photos of Paris I took while sitting on the steps of the Garnier, looking our onto the street. It was just a quick snap, but turned out beautiful.
    And thanks for the little history lesson. I’m glad it wasn’t burned!

  5. It is a beautiful building and the inside is so grand. Love the mosaic flooring !!
    As you say – thank goodness its still here for all to see. They will never be able to afford to build like this ever again!

  6. A beautiful building, and some interesting bits of history you have shared with us.

    To answer your question, I have a couple of Annie Dillard books but haven’t read them yet…I tried Pilgrim at Tinker Creek last year but did not get far…I can see she’s a writer that I need to be in a certain frame of mind to read. I have seen her quoted everywhere for years and I DO intend to read her eventually.

  7. The sky is nearly aqua! The colors and architecture are so lovely. And I loved the carnival photos. Hope you are well!

  8. What an awesome building. I can’t wait to see all these places when Francisco and I finally get to plan a GOOD vacation!

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