I’ve been in the Opera House several times but never for a ballet or opera. Going inside gave me the yearning to make sure I do it and soon. The Garnier Opera House was created in such a way that there were all sorts of areas, stair cases and balconies so you could see and be seen. That was actually more important than what was going on on the stage. The chandelier was even kept lit.

These were gas lights when the opera house first opened found at the base of the main staircase.

Can’t you just see stylish women gracefully coming down this staircase in their beautiful long gowns?

The ball room copied from The Hall of Mirrors at Verseilles. This room can be rented for special occasions. In fact, Stella McCartney, the daughter of my good friend Sir Paul, had her first fashion show in this room.

The sumptuous curtains in the ball room recently remade by the same company who made the originals.

Isn’t this incredible? It’s an original ceiling in one of the foyers. It looks so Art Deco to me but was done in 1870.