That Ceiling

Most people want to see the ceiling painted by Chagalle in the Garnier Opera House. It was done in 1961 on canvas to cover the original ceiling. I’m not a real fan of Chagalle although I like his angels but this ceiling is wonderful to look at.

Here’s a look at the ceiling with the famous chandelier which, by the way, never fell on the audience as seen in The Phantom of the Opera. There isn’t a lake underneath the building either although there was a water table which had to be built over.

I don’t think I ‘ve ever seen more comfortable seats for any performance. The color was picked out so that the gowns and skin of the women would be set off to a nice affect. Chagalle’s ceiling has some of the same red in it.

A blue angel.

The Opera House itself.

The Eiffel Tower.

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  1. I haven’t been to see the opera house yet so I had no idea Chagall did the ceiling, and I LOVE Chagall. Thanks so much for giving me more incentive to go and see it for myself now!

  2. The ceiling is beautiful and I love Chagall’s use of color – that is my favorite thing about Chagall. I’ve seen his stained glass windows at the Hadassah Hospital in Israel…one window for each of the 12 tribes of Israel. But this opera house ceiling seems almost as brilliant as the stained glass with light shining through it. He’s a master of color.

  3. Those chairs look soft enough to sleep in. I always thought that Chagalle’s work looked…”incomplete,” but his work is a lot better than mine:-)

  4. Thank you so much for sharing all the pictures of the Opera House! It is a work of art and I just love Chagall’s work so much.

  5. Oh my, these are gorgeous. GORGEOUS. I do love Chagall. Did I tell you I’m trying to plan a trip for May to Paris? I’m making copious notes on all your posts.

  6. I have so enjoyed your wonderful photos of this beautiful building.

    There is an “option” when painting in watercolor, of allowing the pencil sketch to show through the paint (not erasing the pencil, in other words). A lot of Chagall’s work reminds me of this technique

  7. Chagall’s work is also in the Metropolitan opera at Lincoln Center in NYC.
    His colors are bright and beautiful.
    Lovely photos

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