A Taste of India

Hermes always has fabulous windows at their store. This time they are especially sumptuous. I even saw a special on the news about the woman who designed the windows. When the windows were opened up to view the people on the sidewalk gave her applause. She deserves it.

A side view of the front window. I love orange with silver.

I have several views of this fantastic window. It is all is the theme of India and mostly in silver.

Isn’t this fabulous? Looks like a palace in India.

Just incredible.

7 thoughts to “A Taste of India”

  1. How wonderful to live in Paris, able to look at beautiful things all the time. Thank-you for sharing so that I can look at them too.

  2. Those are beautiful. You don’t see displays like that here in Mexico. oh yeah, and that bronze purse in the front of the second to last picture…FABULOUS!!!

  3. I was salivating over the Hermes window. Seriously. You may not have the garage sales I do, but you’ll always have Paris šŸ™‚

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