Market Shots

I never get tired of taking shots around the Paris markets.

I love scallops-I love to eat them and I love the shape of their shells.

An artistic touch in arranging the haricot verts and tomatoes.

Don’t these strawberries look good? But they really aren’t. They are from Spain and most of the strawberries sold right now aren’t even grown in dirt but some sort of irrigation system and they just don’t have that sweet strawberry taste. I’ve learned to wait until the French strawberries arrive-not too much longer now.

Scallops all cooked up in a white wine sauce and served in the shell. They are very tasty this way. I would have bought some to take home if I were heading there straight away but with a walk around of several hours I was afraid of their fate before I arrived home.

10 thoughts to “Market Shots”

  1. Check out those colours! So beautiful. I’ve never liked the markets at our place because they are wet, dirty, and stinky!

  2. Oh just look at the arrangements…the colours. I never tire of walking around the markets in France or Italy..:-)

    I think you are right to wait for French Strawberries..imports are just not the same.

    We have lots and lots of imports of fruit and veg here in the UK…I might buy the veg if I really need it, but not the fruit. We are way behind on markets over here!

  3. Gorgeous!

    The best strawberries are always locally grown and picked the same morning, regardless of where you are at. Sadly, that makes for a short season, but it’s oh so worth it! Now you’ve got my mouth watering, and it’s still three months to go until local strawberry season!

  4. How wonderful you are blessed with Paris to walk around! And I can see you are taking good advantage of it.

    I had never seen scallops in their shell before…I love them too.

    Someone creative went to a lot of trouble to arrange those haricots verts so carefully.

  5. I grew up on a fruit farm so I can never eat things like strawberries or cherries or peaches or tomatoes unless they’re local and in season. What a difference

  6. French markets are so beautiful.
    I love scallops too. I eat the orange roe and all. I cannot understand why some restaurants do not serve the roe with the white meaty scallop – they all taste delicious!
    Do you eat both ?

  7. Hi Linda,
    We are coming to France the end of August! Some friends have rented a house in the Luberon and then we will be visiting French friends in Brittany. I am really happy about, I haven’t been there since our last trip maybe five years ago.

  8. Oh, I love markets! I have tons of shots on my computer. One day I’ll have to do a post about them. I did just post about a local flea market. Does that count?
    The scallops look so yummy. Hands down my favorite seafood. I can’t wait for berry season her in Germany. You can walk through the gartenplatz right behind our house and people will be selling fresh fruits and veg that were picked that day and you can actually see the little patch of land they were grown on. Heaven.

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