Rue de Buci

One of the most lively streets in the Left Bank, in my opinion, is Rue de Buci. It is lined with cafes and interesting shops and full of people enjoying themselves. I often find myself there just to see what’s new or worthy of a photo or two.

A street cleaner dressed in that distinctive shade of green with the unual broom which I guess at one time must have been made of twigs.

A line of tables and chairs on the street waiting for customers.

Someone after my own heart.

I love the long aprons that waiters often wear in France. (PS-I cropped this photo and didn’t even notice that I cut out the B and R in Brasserie. A funny mistake.)

13 thoughts to “Rue de Buci”

  1. You may not have intended to do it but I love the way you have caught the waiter from ‘behind’ and left the BR off the sign. LOL.

  2. I love your blog and check it frequently! I so miss Paris…and you bring a little piece of it to life here in Kansas! Thanks!

  3. You leave me wondering what the exchange rate and airline fares are like — and wanting to learn enough French to get by. I should be thinking of Spain, and I do, but there are just so many things I”d also like to see in France.

  4. We will have fun with the cameras in September. I have a Canon 5D MarkII. It shoots HD video as well as photos. Too much fun!

  5. Hahaha…a butt shot and “asserie!!!” May have been a mistake, but love the result! My favorite picture are of the tables and chairs.

  6. Great cropping, Linda, and what a catch with the waiter! Hmmmmmmmmm.

    Oh for flower shops like that in So Cal.
    We saw them just like that on our Decemebr trip to Paris. Clearly the color and floral offerings bring much joy.


  7. I think “assiere” is an excellent name for those long aprons since they so nicely frame the waiters’ assiere region

  8. Oh Linda,
    Thanks for the lovely walk down memory lane. Won’t ever forget that sweet apt behind the tacky souvenier shop! Loved our little get together that night. Fun!!

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