Maurice and I recently made a quick three day trip to Brittany, the southern part mostly in what is called the Guerandaise, the area full of marshes where the famous salt is made. It is a truly beautiful part of France on the Atlantic Coast and we had a fabulous time. The day we arrived there was wind and rain which is very typical for the coast. It blew and rained so much that my umbrella broke a spoke, my rain coat turned from light purple to dark with water saturation, my hat was soaked and my glasses totally useless. The next two days, however, were wonderful with mild temperatures and sunshine. A perfect time to be there.

An old windmill on the side of the highway that once ground the flour used to make the famous crepes here. We had some and they were really good. Galettes are the ones made from buckwheat for savory fillings and crepes are the lighter ones used for sweet fillings.

A menu outside a typical restaurant. As you can see, it is mostly seafood. I had some great fish and scallops. So fresh.

A boat hanging in a church we entered.

A photo I took of a place mat showing the salt marshes from up above. It’s a very interesting process.

Bags of the famous salt for sale. The little village of Guerande and the old walled section, was so cute, almost Disneyland in perfection.

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  1. The salt marshes are fascinating…I never really thought about how the salt was extracted from the water.
    I got very excited about the menu board because I actually knew what some of the food was, probably because I read a lot of cook books.

  2. I spent several days in Rennes and it was absolutely delightful. Such beauty! Too bad I didn’t see the salt, I would have had a load to bring home! (Probably a good thing!)

  3. Brittany is such a neat part of France. It annoys me that I only discovered it on the most recent of my five trips to the country – I could have done so much more exploring had I known how interesting it is! I loved being in Vannes during La Tour de France, too.

  4. Britanny is fascinating, with its own whole new culture that’s more closely related to Wales than to France. Love the pics! 🙂

  5. Brittany is related to Wales and to Ireland and Scotland as it is one of the “7 Celtic nations”
    Very nice tour.
    The salt marsh is wonderful to see like that.

  6. Another place I would love to visit, at the moment I am really torn between France and Italy..

    I cannot believe that is a place mat, I thought yu were up in an aircraft, so husband would love that.

  7. I hope to visit Brittany – I even have an English (from Cornwall) blog friend living there and would love to meet her! Your pics are great Linda – glad the weather cleared up and you could enjoy the coastal views without your broken brollie!!

    Sel de Mer, fabulous. I’m using Fleur de Sel de Camargue – stocked up when in Provence. Could never go back to Morton’s salt!

    I’m preparing for England as it’s just a little over a month before we go. Next trip will have to be back to France – perhaps Brittany.

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