Louis V

Louis Vuitton, that is, famed for those two initials, L and V. I don’t own anything made by this company and probably never will but I do enjoy walking though the store and looking at all of the quality merchandise. The store was packed with people. I guess many stores in the luxury market aren’t having financial problems.

Those famous initials.

A purse in the window. (You can’t take photos inside the store.)

They are doing animal skins too. Aren’t these shoes something? I never wear heels anymore but I like to look at them.

A flower in the window. They are celebrating an American artist, a friend of Marc Jacobs, the designer for Louis Vuitton, and have bags and shows with red and pink grafitti on them celebrating. The artist, now deceased, is named Sprouse.
Some facts I picked up while there: Louis Vuiton has 430 stores around the world. The store on the Champs Elysees has 350 Employees composed of 30 plus nationalties who speak a combined total of 34 languages. The store started in the Opera area before moving to the Champs Elysees. The store was closed for three years to undergo extensive renovations-they wouldn’t tell me how much it cost but I did hear that just the elevator alone was one million. The theme of the store is tradition and innovation. So they keep many of the same symbols and colors while using new ones too. It was the son of the original Louis Vuitton who came up with the logo of the L and V and the flower symbol as well to put on the bags and suitcases because they were being copied-like that has stopped anyone. They were also the first to use a celebrity-Jennifer Lopez-to advertise their products. They have a line of shoes and purses designed by Sophia Coppolo, the film director who did the movie, Marie Antoinette. You can get a bag or a watch designed just for you if you want. They never have sales, not ever.
PS-these photos may not be used without permission. The last time I had photos of Louis Vuitton on my blog, I found the photos all over the place, mainly on ebay and etsy. However, I am happy to let them be used. Just ask me first.

7 thoughts to “Louis V”

  1. I hope the animal skin stuff is fake. Jennifer Lopez was in the news for her collection of fur coats, I don’t remember if she was “designing” them or just promoting them.

  2. Really? I can’t believe people would hack your photos and sell them. Outrageous.

    Here, Valentino is making the rounds. Apparently there is a documentary just out about him.

  3. Yes, I love looking at those shoes too, but like you no longer wear heels. There is something about the lines of high heels though that is very sensual and artistic. I kind of envy shoe designers who get to create such fantastic shapes.

    Interesting about the photos…

  4. Great photos as always.

    I never had anything by LV until last Christmas. Clive’s daughter gave me this gorgeous ‘Paris’ ‘Carnet de Voyage’ book/journal. I has a lot of watercolours and blank spaces to write. I haven’t written anything in it yet but I will soon – afraid to mess it up! I love looking through it.

    With the throngs at LV in Paris and the cruise ships regularly in and out of Sydney it does make you wonder about recession.

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