Signs of Spring

I always know spring is here when I see men and women selling bouquets of daffodils on the corners in Paris. It always reminds me of my first spring here in Paris with Maurice when he took me out to a forest just outside the city and we picked our own daffodils.

These aren’t especially a spring item but I loved how they looked shining in the sun. I love nuts.

Sometimes I think I like ranuculas and anemonies better than roses.

Although these are really cute.

A taste of spring in every bite.

17 thoughts to “Signs of Spring”

  1. This weekend in Germany was fantastic. Cool and sunny with open air markets and flower sellers everywhere. It was glorious. They’re predicting snow tomorrow. 🙁 I love winter, but I’m so ready for spring. Your photos are lovely.

  2. Look at the caramel dripping off the nuts, kinda like the drool coming from my mouth! Oh deary me. I would have had to have one of those! The flowers are so pretty. I adore all the colors!

  3. Hi, I’m a ‘neighbor’ – sorta. I’m an American who recently moved to the French Alps to marry my fiance (April is the wedding!). I’m discovering (also with photos and videos) my region and am always surprised at its beauty, but Paris definitely has the better markets and architecture than my little city of Chambery. Thanks for sharing such lovely photos. Cynthia

  4. Such a delicious image…you and Maurice picking daffodils in the forest. What a lovely way to spend a day on one’s first Parisian spring!

    On a more prosaic note: Safeway had a big “special” on daffodils for 75 cents a bunch. I had masses of them in both the living room and family room. Not nearly as cool as picking them in France but how I do love their bright, cheerful faces.

  5. That raspberry thing looks SO good. I am lucky if I find any sort of berry other than strawberries here. I can buy frozen ones, but they just don’t taste the same. I would kill for a bite of that raspberry pastry:-)

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