Place des Vosges

The last time I was in the Place des Vosges in the Marais I spotted Paul McCartney. Even if no celebrities are spotted, it’s always a wonderful place to take a stroll.

Yes, this is a rabbit. I saw it there between the box wood shrubs and thought it was a cat at first. Then I noticed that it had a leash and looked around and saw the owner sitting on a nearby bench. He was just letting it have a little fresh air. I wonder if he walks the rabbit down the sidewalk too? Not as exciting as seeing Sir Paul but sort of made my day in a strange way.

A look down one of the covered passageways that surround the park at Place des Vosges.

A photographic little table in front of a jewelry store.

Some people enjoying the sun in the garden of a lovely building in the Marais.

9 thoughts to “Place des Vosges”

  1. Haha! When I was younger, I had a rabbit that occasionally took walks on a lead too. Mostly, though he was exercised in the yard, but walking on the paved street was good for him because it helped keep his claws in shape (pet rabbits today need to have their claws cut frequently because they never use them). It was also nice because it desensitised him to strange noises (e.g. roller skates) and animals, making him all around easier to handle.

  2. Memories! In another life I too had a rabbit that I used to walk. Ian, the Rabbit, loved going outside. And yes, we did walk (hop) down the pavement.

  3. Shaggy little rabbit. Looks warm there. Still freezing cold here despite a bright sun and vivid blue sky.
    Lovely photos yet again.

  4. My friends have a leash for their rabbit, but when I rabbit-sat and tried to get it on him, he gave a huge fight and I gave up and gave him his freedom in my walled up backyard. My friends had a hard time catching him and putting his leash back on after that taste of freedom.

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